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Professional teeth cleaning

This treatment helps to keep your teeth, gums and jaw bones healthy, making it a maintenance therapy to complement your daily oral hygiene routine. We offer a tailor-made preventative treatment which is adjusted individually after diagnostic staining and analysis. Then your teeth will be cleaned and polished professionally in addition to individual nutritional advice. It will only take 60 minutes; fees depend on the duration of the individual treatment.

Personal dental prophylaxis treatment for children and teenagers (up to the age of 18).

In addition to the preventative medical check-up, a dental plaque identification test is provided twice a year. The application of a dye that stains the plaque is followed by instructions and exercises which are appropriate to the age of the child; informative instructions on how to brush teeth effectively and nutritional advice. The teeth are then cleaned and polished and a special fluoride solution applied which penetrates into the dental enamel, strengthening it.