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Premium prostheses

We only offer high-quality prostheses made of various materials. In order to provide the best quality we work exclusively with professional qualified dental laboratories in Germany.

The custom manufacture of tooth crowns, pontics, veneers, inlays and dental prostheses demands meticulous skill from both the dentist and the dental technician. The teeth are first prepared under anaesthetic using specific dental tools and diamond instruments. Every type of dental prosthesis requires an individual technique of grinding which is influenced by the material the new dental prosthesis is made of. Employing high precision impression materials and accurate surveying and denture measurements (functional diagnostic) provides for best possible data for the dental technician to manufacture the dental prosthesis.

Several fitting sessions for adjustments guarantee a highly accurate fit and the highest standards in terms of aesthetics.

 In this respect we work with a precision of 20μ in the periphery.

Our teeth as ‘sensors’ have a tactile perception of 12μ, i.e. everything on the chewing surface bigger than 12μ will be perceived as annoying and a respective inaccurate fit may result in dysfunctions.