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Paediatric Dentistry

Neither are children just small adults, nor are their milk teeth just small „big teeth“.
The treatment of the primary dentition has special requirements. With new findings and treatment methods paediatric dentistry has greatly evolved over the last few years. Prevention efforts have shown their positive outcome.

A majority of children and adolescents is virtually free of caries. Despite that, there is still a little percentage with major teeth issues. Education in the subject area of teeth cleaning in the toddler age, diet and fluoride applications is still in demand here.

A careful dental treatment in infancy lays the foundation for the further healthy tooth development and understanding of the daily dental care. Fortunately a welcome development has taken place here in Rhineland-Palatinate:

The dentists' association was able to conclude appropriate agreements on early childhood screening with the Barmer GEK health insurance. This is an important step, as we dentists hope that this is a good role model, and other health insurance companies will follow soon.

Membership in the Society of Pediatric Dentistry allows us a constant update of our treatment methods.

We strive to give your child the best possible individual treatment.