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Functional myodiagnostics

The causes of a desease can be very diverse. In order to be able to relate these causes into an overall context, the functional myodiagnostics is an additional diagnostic method to get to the bottom of disturbances in our complex body.

All muscles of our body have one or more specific tasks. By testing individual muscles (without devices) one gets certain reactions ("muscle responses") on certain stimuli. This response is based on a complicated neurobiological mechanism.

We all know certain fast reflexes (eye blinks, spontaneous mouth opening when biting onto a hard object, etc.). The functional myodiagnostics are, however, not about these reflexes but rather about muscle responses according to a certain scheme. This method requires extensive medical knowledge of the anatomical connections and structures of our body. In order to learn this method, extensive education and further training must be carried out (for several years).

Functional myodiagnosis is used by doctors, dentists and physiotherapists. It includes a large therapeutic spectrum such as manual and orthomolecular medicine, phytotherapy, osteopathy, etc.

Structural correlations can be investigated in problems such as:

  • Allergies
  • Incompatibilities of materials and food
  • Headache, dizziness, tinnitus etc.
  • Acute and chronic complaints

Functional myodiagnosis is always an additional method for classical diagnosis.

In the case of existing complaints or illnesses, general examination such as blood pictures, X-ray images, dental status, other imaging diagnostics such as CT, MRT, etc. must be clarified and diagnosed in the relevant medical fields.

We apply this method as a part of the therapy and diagnoses in the field of Cranio-mandibular dysfunctions (CMD) and in the environmental dental medicine (allergies and intolerances of materials in the mouth).

Further interesting information on the FMD can be found on the homepage of the International Medical Association for Functional Myodiagnostics (IMAK).

We recommend the homepage of the German Society for Environmental Dentistry (DEGUZ) for information on dental materials and possible connections in case of illness.

Text created on 19.02.17 by Dr. Ulriken Stern following the official patient flyer of IMAK.